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“If others can benefit from my story, that’s great! –Ron Becker, patient”







Red Flag from Wife & Cardiologist

My wife was the first to tell me I had Sleep Apnea because she saw me wake up so much at night. Then my cardiologist, Dr. Rhodes, who is well-known in the field, told me I needed to be treated for sleep apnea.

I took the home sleep test, which was easy. In the past, I tried a couple of times to do the clinic sleep test and just couldn’t do it. The environment and hook ups were too much.

I got relief from the oral device right away! I didn’t wake as much in the night and felt rested in the morning.

I’m impressed with the attitude at this office. Everyone is helpful and I’ve been encouraged to come in anytime

- Miles J. went from 30 apnea episodes per hour down to 1 per hour after treatment


A Tired Golf Game

I went to play golf with a couple of friends and one of them asked if I was doing okay. He said I looked like the lights were on but nobody was home.

I went in for my regular physical and my doctor noticed I was more tired and not doing as much as I normally would. My wife was concerned about it too.

My doctor asked if I was interested in doing a sleep study; through that I learned that my oxygen level was low. I didn’t feel too interested in a CPAP machine because I didn’t even like doing the sleep test and wouldn’t want to be hooked up on a regular basis. So, the oral device was a good option.

Everyone there really takes care of whatever my concerns are around this.

-Jerry U. went from 33 apnea episodes per hour down to 13 per hour after treatment


Breathing Easy with Understanding

I was already a good sleeper, but having more air intake, my breathing is definitely easier.

The doctor and staff are very personable. I like having more information. During the appointments, it was helpful that I could clearly see what was going on, the instrumentation used, looking at the evaluation of my airway, the measurement of my breathing. It made sense. They were able to show me exactly what they were doing, educating me along the way to help me understand.

Overall it was a painless experience and they had a very personal approach.

I just turned the big 5-0 and am now higher risk. I want to stay healthy the rest of my life!

-Ron B. went from 24 apnea episodes per hour down to 1 per hour after treatment

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